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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM

1. Even though ISSA is patting itself on the back for staging another successful athletic championship, persons who purchased tickets and were denied seats are still smarting from being cheated. How is it possible for persons with assigned seats to be locked out because the stadium was full? The reasonable conclusion is that ISSA over-sold and the persons who were locked out have good grounds for action against that body.

2. Who knew that March 16 to 22 was celebrated as Salt Awareness Week? It is something that Jamaicans should pay serious attention to since high salt/sodium diet is linked to hypertension and other non-communicable diseases. Of course, the local ministry of health would have missed it since it was so busying filing law suit against a fellow department of government.

3. It was such a shocker when the hostess looked outside and saw her guests having sex on her lawn. She nearly blew a fuse and ordered them to leave and never return. Word on the street is that this is a regular occurrence for the two whose PDA has been seen over and over.

4. The celebrity was more than a little embarrassed when her service provider announced that she could not charge her latest massage because her bill was climbing. What she didn't know is that other bills are piling up all over town. The remittances have not come in for many months so things are not as robust as they used to be.