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Something Extra - Thursday

Published:Thursday | April 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Fashionable in all white, waiting to be splashed with colour is the lovely Trzan Chung Ying.
The happy couple Jade-Ann Campbell and Geordon Bingham are snapped indulging in the happiest festival in the world.
Naturalista Shanell Forsythe gets quite playful with blue powdered paint.
Samantha Strachan and Johann McCulloch pause for a photo op, all blissfully blue.
Dancing couple Matthew Richards and Marie Popovski strike a pose before ‘ducking’ into the crowd.
Nasha Douglas (left), brand manager of wines and spirits at Red Stripe, and Cellisse Campbell, assistant brand manager of wines and spirits, share lens time.
Making his way across the venue, drink in hand, is Kingsley Cooper, executive chairman of Pulse Investments Ltd.
Tammie Chambers coloured her white, repping team blue at Color Fest.

The happiest festival in the world once again took ravers to another level of excitement with the first instalment of Color Festival on Sunday, as powder transformed the lush Hope Gardens venue into a beautiful kaleidoscope.