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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | April 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Life in the tropics


1. The disgraced one looked underneath a stone and what did he find? Plenty of moss! It was the ex who introduced the idea of a younger model, but now the discarded spouse has come roaring back with her own fabulous model, which comes with bouts of holiness. Life in the tropics just got better for some folks.


Traffic signs


2. There are two popular locations where 'No right turn' signs are being consistently ignored by motorists, to the chagrin of other road users. One is at the eastern MegaMart gate and the other is the eastern Sovereign Plaza gate. If these signs are erected on the advice of the traffic police, those disobeying them should be prosecuted. An orderly society begins where there is punishment for the smallest breach.


Smoking in public


3. Speaking of lawlessness, is anyone ever prosecuted for smoking in public? For a time, there was a lull on the practice, but now men and women can be seen puffing away in public within a breath of persons going about their lawful business. It's no use enacting laws and not enforcing them.


Washcloth in bun!


4. The St Andrew family did not have a great Easter - robbed of their joy when they dug into their regular Easter fare only to find a well-baked washcloth in the centre of their bun. Surely, such an experience is worth some kind of compensation.