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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | April 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Grieving period

1 What is a decent time for grieving, some people are asking. Widowed persons used to wait at least a year before they return to the dating scene - not so any more. Some have grieved, courted and remarried within a year of laying their beloved...

Growing cuckold community

2 The social scene is not only abuzz with priestly happenings, there is much chattering about the growing cuckold community which now includes the businessman who lost his gorgeous young chick to a very persuasive woman. Now guess who is on the circuit?

Fed-up merchant

3 What should be done about a politician who does not pay his bills? One merchant has got so fed-up, he is now considering legal options. Seems there is a thing in the law about bankrupts - wait for this one.

Just not into her

4 Some women never learn and they fail over and over to understand that the man is just not into them. This one woman spent her entire pay cheque on this man, whisking him off to an exotic overseas location with benefits such as shopping money, then when he returned home, he went MIA. She was not the first victim, she later learnt.