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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | May 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Getting her groove back


1 She is long retired with grown children, but now, the widowed one is getting her groove back. She has found love a second time in her Florida-based beau, and everyone seems very happy.


Tighter squeeze


2 Reacting to the Cameron win, some persons are predicting that immigration laws will get tougher and Jamaicans will find it even more difficult to visit England for pleasure or study in the near future.


Paternity puzzle


3 This one calls for a DNA test. The story doing the rounds is of two brothers who were visiting the same house - at different times, of course - and now their hostess is pregnant. Since everyone has a unique DNA, it will not be hard to determine paternity.


Confusion all around


4 Teachers could not have chosen a more inconvenient time to stage their protest as students are now in the throes of exams. Some have complained that they are nervous and confused over the protest action being staged all over the country.