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Farewell, Colombia's chargé d'affaires, William Bush

Published:Friday | May 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Andrea Fletcher (left) engages William Bush in conversation as Major Jorge Cardenas Bonilla looks on.
William Bush, deputy head of mission of the Embassy of Colombia (left) and Bernie Bush, deputy leader of the opposition, West Bay, Cayman Islands, in the company of the beautiful Honorary Consul of Ecuador Clelia Barreto de Hunter.

Efforts to hold back the tears and overwhelming joy resulted in mixed feelings as guests gathered to say goodbye to deputy head of mission in the Embassy of Colombia, William Bush, after two years of his tour of duty in Jamaica.

A farewell reception was held at the Liguanea Club last Thursday, as relatives, colleagues and government officials met to say farewell to Bush.

Humble, hard-working, kind-hearted were some of the many words used to describe Bush. Bernie Bush, deputy leader of the Opposition, West Bay, Cayman Islands, spoke of how he was contacted by Bush on Facebook because they share the same last name. Since then, they consider themselves brothers, then discovered that they both have family of Jamaican descent and all the Bushes might be related.

Bernie also gave a tribute from another William Bush, leader of the Opposition in the Cayman Islands. "In his position, he was able to accomplish his task without indulging in the party politics, but rather, choosing to do what is good for his country, and its citizens, thereby, following the old idiom of 'country first, before self'," Bernie shared.


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Bush noted in his farewell speech the warm hospitality and generosity of the government and the people of Jamaica when he arrived on May 6, 2013. "I will always be grateful for the gifts of appreciation and new friends that I have been blessed with during my tenure," Bush said to guests present.

He also noted that it is imperative for us as a nation to make an extra effort to increase cooperation between Colombia and Jamaica, to strengthen the historical ties of our region, and especially for the improvement of the quality of the life of our people, and ensure a better future for the new generations.

Among specially invited guests were former Governor General Sir Kenneth Hall, Honorary Consul of Ecuador Clelia Barreto de Hunter, and Sushil Jain, director of Mayberry Investment Limited, who made special toasts before the floor was left open for friends and well-wishers to say their few words.