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Something Extra

Published:Friday | May 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Mario Evon is joined by songstress Alaine for a photo op after she received a copy of his album.
Excited patrons wait patiently as Mario Evon signs copies of his album.
Surrounded by beautiful women, Mario Evon chose to serenade his mother, Marguerite Gutherie, with the popular Boyz II Men song, ‘Mama’.
Entertainers (from left) Raine Seville, Ikaya and Denique are proud to be the three women signed to perform at the Pepsi Refresh Tour this summer. Here, they enjoy sharing camera time at the launch of the tour at Ribbiz Ultra Lounge on Tuesday.
Talia Soares, emcee at the launch of Tuesday’s Pepsi Refresh Tour, pauses for a quick snap at the Ribbiz Ultra Lounge on Tuesday.
Maria Cordera rocks her floral ensemble at the farewell reception for William Bush on Thursday, May 7, at the Liguanea Club, New Kingston.

The grounds of Redbones Cafe hosted the launch of Mario Evon's debut album titled Reggae-Soul Vol 1: M.E. On Love, last Saturday. Evon treated patrons to 90 minutes of his version on love and wowed them with his unique sound, smooth performance and comedic personality. The night ended with patrons leaving with signed copies of the album as they simply couldn't get enough of this soulful singer.