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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | June 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

1 The strata law has finally started to show its teeth. There is the complex in which the prominent owner has reportedly not paid a cent in maintenance fees since acquisition. Now, the unit has been placed on the market to recoup the huge arrears. Way to go!

2 Confucius would probably say something like: "Stupid men who use expensive liquor to wash cars do not understand that their actions will betray them." And so it came to pass: The scamming unit soon descended upon them.

3 For a growing number of business people, Jamaica is the place where you make your money with a view to repatriating the funds. And Florida is where the family is safely tucked away in nice neighbourhoods.

4 The way to successfully stage an overpriced event is to bus in as many employees as you can to pack the venue. After all, who is to know that the patrons are merely workers? It's no different from a political rally, where scores of persons are bussed in from all over the country. For surely, the numbers don't lie, or do they?