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AIM higher and win

Published:Friday | June 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
AIM Director Nicole Campbell (third right) and Harvey Miller (fourth right), AIM's associate director, pose for a celebratory picture with the AIM college-bound graduates of 2015.
Kamila McDonald Alcock, Stanford Alum and fitness guru, hugs Director Nicole Campbell after speaking to the grads about maintaining physical health and tips on avoiding the dreaded 'Freshman 15'.

'Celebrating Excellence' was the theme of the barbecue hosted by AIM last Saturday, for their students heading to college in September.

Students were met with a shuttle at Manor Park and taken to the residence of Nicole Campbell (AIM director), where the celebrations were to take place.

Students were encouraged to share their fears about going off to college, which included things like the weather, being homesick, the food, and not being able to figure out what they are passionate about.

The invited speakers also touched on how the soon-to-be-college students can immerse themselves into the college environment by getting to know their fellow students, as opposed to relying on Skype to stay connected with old friends. Specially invited guest Kamila McDonald Alcock gave the students some tips on maintaining their physical health and on avoiding the dreaded 'Freshman 15'.

Multiple scholarship winner and Harvard-bound John Mathews, when asked what he was looking forward to most, said, "I'm looking forward to a new experience, new environment, and finding a wife!," much to the amusement of the crowd.

Students were then presented with goodie bags, courtesy of AIM, including shirts that read 'AIMHigher' on the front and '#winning' at the back, as well as two Jamaican flags, one small one for events and the other to keep on their desks - a piece of home.

They were charged to represent Jamaica well and return to initiate positive changes and contribute to Jamaica's development. Campbell stressed that, in doing this through college and the rest of their lives, they should always AIM higher and win!