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Fathers Bowled over

Published:Friday | June 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Damien Lyon and his mini-me, Elijah, celebrate at Sunday’s event.
The daddy-and-son duo of Walter (right) and Jason Brown demonstrate teamwork during their turn at the recent Flow/LIME bowling tournament at JamZone.
The Best Team Award went to the All-Stars team. Here they are celebrating with their trophy with Flow’s Gail Abrahams caught in the middle of the melee.
Rhian Eddy was all too happy to spend his first bowling experience with his daughter, Jhada.

'Let's knock 'em down!' That was the feeling at the JamZone Bowling Alley last Sunday when fathers from Flow and LIME came together for a Daddy & Me bowling tournament.

Twelve team members were randomly selected to bring their fathers or their children to participate in the tournament, which was hosted by the 'Better Together' communications team.

The fathers got a true VIP experience as they had five lanes reserved for their bowling pleasure, along with complimentary refreshments for the afternoon.

"It was a great experience! It was my first time bowling and to be able to share that with my daughter on Father's Day made it even more memorable for me," said Rhian Eddy, account manager for Columbus Business Solutions.

The teams were divided into two groups - All-Stars and the Mighty Mights. The competition was fierce, the atmosphere competitive, and the camaraderie enviable.

"We're happy to be able to give this gift to some of the well-deserving dads in our organisations," said Gail Abrahams, director of corporate communications at Flow.

"This bowling tournament had just the right mix of fun and competition, while still staying true to our 'Better Together' team spirit," she added.

At the end of the tournament, prizes were given for Best Team, first- and second-place Daddy & Me Scores, Most Strikes and the Most Fun Daddy & Me pair.