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Something Extra - Monday

Published:Monday | December 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Laura Chuck makes a sheer elegant entrance.
Allawney McIntyre's form-fitting dress turned quite a few heads.
Toni Gavotey's en vogue ensemble is a hit.
Twinning from head to toe are sisters and Saint models Shanika (left) and Shanae Mullings.
From left: Andrey Dryakin, Ina Sotirova and Galina Sotirova enjoy the evening's proceedings as well as each other's company.
Brandon Bailey and mother Jacqui Bailey raise their glasses to an evening well spent.
Saint model Jodiann Smith's pop of red is pleasing to the eye.

In a night of celebration, reflection and dedication, Saint International transformed the Devonshire into a hub of fabulousness with the staging of Colour Me High Fashion. SOMETHING EXTRA kicks off your week with a dose of exquisiteness.