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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | December 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM

1. It's waiver time once again. Yes, Christmas is the season for making that extra dollar, and people with savvy know how to secure permits to bring into the country all manner of produce and products. This year, some eagle-eyed persons are watching to see who will get the nod this time around.

2. Some election watchers are predicting that apartheid will experience a rebirth in the United States of America, judging from the hatred being spewed from the mouths of some of the current crop of political candidates. It will be an interesting November in 2016.

3. It is not unusual to hear workers discussing bonus expectations at this time of year. But it is those most able to pay who offer the least to their employees. The spirit of giving is totally lost on some of these persons, leaving their employees bitter and frustrated.

4. The husband is the only one in the household who works, yet the wife has been trolling the malls, buying jewellery and designer outfits. Wait for the outcome when the bills become due in January.