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A Mexican Christmas tradition - La Posada

Published:Friday | December 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM
From left: Mexican Ambassador Cecilia Jaber, Chief of State Elinor Felix, Emilia Blancarte Jaber, and Paula Blancarte.
It’s all smiles from left: German Ambassador Joachim Christoph Schmillen; his mother, Anneliese Fleig; and Mexican ambassador Cecilia Jaber.
Wife of Argentina’s ambassador to Jamaica, Helene Hagen–Larsen, lights Nina Bruni’s candle.
Children and adults gather around the seven-pointedstar pinata trying to get to the treats inside.
Sofia (right) and her brother, Juan Pablo Barrera, hold statues of Mary and Joseph on a platter during the re-enactment of the La Posada.

The celebration of the Mexican fiesta tradition, La Posada, took over the Cherry Gardens residence of Mexican ambassador to Jamaica, Cecilia Jaber, on Tuesday.

The quick drizzle did not damper the formalities or prevent guests from joining in for the re-enactment of Mary and Joseph's search for lodging and being turned away. La Posada starts nine days before Christmas and goes until Christmas Day.

Upon arrival, guests were given a brochure outlining the history of the fiesta and the words to the song, Cancion Para Pedir Posada, so that everyone could sing along.

For the re-enactment, a few guests were placed on the inside to represent the persons in the inn, while others, including little Sofia and her brother, Juan Pablo Barrera, stood at the door with a statue of Mary and Joseph on a platter representing them asking for shelter.

At the end of the play, it was time for some excitement - the breaking of the pinata.

In Mexico, the breaking of a pinata accompanies almost every festive occasion. Both children and adults took a swing at the two pinatas. When they were finally opened, everyone dug in to indulge in the sweet treats.

It was a fun-filled evening of good cheer.