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Celebrate with a bang

Published:Wednesday | February 24, 2016 | 5:01 PM

After much seasoned conversation, spirited campaigns, excitement and all manner of decrees, declarations and prophecy, your party or your MP has won! The pomp and pageantry is real. So now it's time to host a shingdig - party, barbeque, cocktail reception - of epic proportions. 

An event of this nature is all about style, class and leaving a great impression on whomever you decide to fete in your event's honour. Grab your notebook, tablet or whatever writing utensils you use, as DeZign Diva Karen Booker is spilling the beans on the many components that work in unison to create the ultimate toast of the town.

First thing's first, mission critical, your home. 

The following questions must be answered:

Is your house clean?
-Have you identified where the party space in your home will be?
-If so, are the walls clean or freshly painted?
-Have you identified the bathrooms that your guests will be using and are they in good working condition?
-Is there enough toilet paper, disposable guest towels, air freshener and hand soap?
-Have you created a sense of arrival? Is the front door clean?
-Is your entrance mat pristine?
-Are there leaves in your yard?
-Are the outdoor lights working?
-Do you have enough parking?
-Have you arranged security?
-Have you made arrangements for the indoor 'out of bounds' areas? 
-Have you informed the neighbours?
-Have you secured wait staff and bar tenders?

Tantalising theme

Nothing creates magic, like a theme, so run with your party colour, and put it everywhere. Show your party colours in napkins, balloons, tablecloths and the backdrop. Should you be opting for centrepieces for individual tables, then these can be themed as well.

Attention all!

The guest list. It's perfectly acceptable to send e-vites and texts to guests. 

Fantastic food
It matters not what you serve, it's how you serve it.  The fare must be pretty and scream style. If you are going with buffet, create a tablescape.  It is interesting and an instant conversation piece.  The serving plates must be interesting as well, be sure you have an attendant there to assist with sharing, clearing and minimising mess. Spoil your guests with unexpected attention.

Also, your kitchen must be organised and efficient and serve as the central point for all things edible.

Leading liquor
It's a celebration and that calls for champagne, spirits, and lots of it. Purchase the best liquor you can afford. It's also best to have fewer top tier brands than a lot of inexpensive brands. You know the taste of your guests, so you will provide the best for them. Make very sure that there is a bartender to do the mixing and pouring. A good barkeep will also let you know how much liquor and ice to buy and how many and type of glasses to rent.  

Moving music
This is Jamaica and music is in our blood and not just listening music, but music that we can move to. After all, it's a celebration and the life of the party is the music. Hire the best DJ and be prepared to shell out a pretty penny.

Picture perfect
This is a no brainer. A picture says a thousand words.

Fine florist
You will need a stunning centrepiece to set the stage for the activities and perhaps a few small arrangements for the different spots around the house.

There you have it, a foolproof plan for a fabulous event!

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Please box

How to make a tablescape
1 table
1 tablecloth
boxes of different sizes or books that can be stacked

Place boxes on table in no particular order, making sure the heights vary. Cover with the tablecloth. It is important that the tablecloth appears untidy and is draped. Then place all your serving dishes on the boxes. For added drama, add a floral arrangement and candles.