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Moon Palace brings cheers from Omi

Published:Friday | March 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
OMI performing ‘Me 4 U’ with Suzanne Perkins.
OMI shares the spotlight with Clifton Reader, general manager, Moon Palace.
OMI made sure to take a few photos with fans such as these two women.
Floral designer Chanique Dennis (left) and physiotherapist Ashauna Davis strike a playful pose.

The audience wasn't the thousands of screaming, adoring fans that he has been attracting since his breakout hit, Cheerleader, but OMI's performance at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios on Saturday was well appreciated by the hundreds in attendance.

Backed by the four-piece Oufah Riddim band, OMI's first concert in Jamaica was dominated by tracks from his debut album, Me 4 U, released last October.

It was Suzanne Perkins, one of the three backup singers, who stepped up to do a duet with him on the title track, Me 4 U, in place of Sarah West.

OMI began his performance at the five-star resort by telling the audience "I'm not here to perform. I'm here to enjoy myself." He lied. He actually did both.

Simply dressed in black pants and a black, grey, and white T-shirt, OMI oozed confidence.

It was a wonderful debut performance and a perfect lead-off to the hotel's schedule of international acts set to perform this year in Ocho Rios, with Mr Boombastic himself, Shaggy, set for April 9 and Canadian band Magic! on July 30.


Speaking of Canada, with Hula Hoop already certified platinum in that country, where it was recorded, OMI saw it fit to big-up all his "Canadian peeps" in the house, eliciting a huge response. He dedicated Hula Hoop to them and brought on Symone, a dancer from London, who amazed with her ability to dance with either one or what seemed to be about 20 hoops all at the same time.

Three female dancers, who appeared and disappeared at will, added spice to the performance, as did the trumpeter who performed on Cheerleader.

After delivering other tracks such as These Are The Days, Colour of My Lips, and Sing It Out Loud, the Clarendon-born singer fittingly crowned the performance with the massive hit Cheerleader.

Cheerleader has done amazingly well for OMI, making number one on 25 charts in 23 countries and the top 10 on 12 other charts in 10 countries.

The song has sold over nine million copies and has been certified platinum 36 times in 11 countries, one of the most successful songs ever by a Jamaican artiste.

The follow-up, Hula Hoop, has also been certified multi-platinum, picking up those awards in Canada, Spain, and Australia.

Before the performance, OMI joined several local and international journalists at a press conference, where he expressed, among other things, his desire to perform in Brazil again, likening that country's culture to Jamaica's.

OMI also revealed that he was preparing for a world tour, saying that he was willing to be the voice of the voiceless.