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Sajato's solo exhibit

Published:Friday | March 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
From left: Hanover Charities' Katrin Casserly, businessman Jason Wright and his wife Monique, at the exhibition of photographer, Sajato Jarrett at the Round Hill Hotel.
Attorney-at-law, Tiffany Hamilton (left) and Shasta Saulter of Matahar, are all smiles for out camera at Wednesday night's exhibitiion.
From left:Arla Douglas, Joan Lee and Gail Moe.
From left: Pat Smith, Linda Matz, Sally Foreman and Bill Matz. In the back, Bob Smith, from Pennsylvania and checking out Sajato Jarrett's exhibition.
Sajato Jarrett (left) converses with from second left: Andre Denton, Toni-Ann Rodney and Claude Fletcher during his exhibition at the Round Hill Hotel.
Nicola Delapenha,nconverses with Sajato Jarrett's (right) by his photograph 'Mirrors in the Clouds. So mesmerised was she by the piece, she was compelled to purchase it.
Kathi Cooke (left) and Pat Wright (right), share lens with Custos of Hanover, Dr David Stair.
From left: Aiesha Panton, Sandrene Weichenberger, Charmaine Deane and Sharon Cunningham view Sajato Jarrett's 'Lights of New York City' photo during his exhibition at the Round Hill Hotel on Wednesday night.


The Pineapple Room at the exclusive Round Hill Hotel and Villas was home to skyline shots of New York City, the freedom tower shots, puddles of reflections, the sunset that Jamaica is known for, and mirrors in the clouds.

Tagged Jahtoworks, art lovers packed the intimate room on Wednesday night for the unveiling of Jamerican photographer, Sajato Jarrett's solo exhibition.

Jarrett, the son of five-time cancer survivor, Patricia Wright, herself an artist, had those in attendance in awe, inspiring even those without an inkling of talent in photography, proving that an eye for beauty and stories was enough to set the stage.

"As soon as I walked in and saw his Mirrors in the Clouds, I said to myself, 'This is it'", said real estate guru, Nicola Delapenha.

For Jarrett, that is exactly what he wanted his pictures to do, "grab you, evoke emotions". And that it did.

With just under three years of photography under his belt, Jarrett, who attended Belair High in Mandeville, Manchester, and currently works for Apple in New York, said his love affair with the art started when he returned to Jamaica two and a half years ago to compete in a 10K run.

"A friend said I should take photos because I have an eye," he recalled.

Today, he never goes anywhere without his camera. He captures everything that communicates with his inner being. His mother told TODAY that he has an addiction to puddles, and this was evidenced in a number of his works on show.

His next show is in two weeks in New York. He also has plans for an exhibit in Kingston.

There is no need to ask if he did well on Wednesday night. Several of his paintings had the red marking beneath them, which equated to the word 'Sold'.