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Mission Accomplished for JMMB’s Covert Ops

Published:Friday | March 11, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Niketa Hill took the classic black and white look to sophisticated chic.
Simona Watkis shows off her wild side.
Agents undertake their mission to party the night away.
Vhfara layton with her take on the trends of the moment, fringe and gladiator heels.
Top agent, CEO of JMMB Group, Keith Duncan (left), listens intently to a covert mission being explained by investment advisor Leacroft Forden (centre) and managing director of FLOW Jamaica Garry Sinclair at the JMMB Covert Ops Chinese Gardens, Hope Gardens.JMMB Covert Ops, Chinese Garden, Hope Gardens.
Janet Stewart opted to jazz up the theme of the night, with beige undertones in her dress.
Gal pals Mizicann Evans (left) and Ashly Hoshing pause from the festivities for a photo op.

Last Friday night, JMMB embarked on a Covert Ops mission at the Chinese Gardens, at Hope Gardens, St Andrew and the mission for guests, if they chose to accept, was to escape to a night of food, fun and frolic.

With confidential invitations in hand, corporate client agents followed maps which led them to a private parking lot, from where they were shuttled to the secret rendezvous point.

There, they were greeted by a red carpet that ended in their choice spot for a photo op before being greeted by the night's signature drink - Spy Cloud - a smoky yet creamy concoction.

Undercover agents were sent straight to work, undertaking several adventures along the way. These included indulging in scrumptious dishes located on either side of the catwalk leading to the main dance floor. They were on cruise control, viewing a fiery red Mercedes Benz SLS sports car on display, before heading off to the mini video arcade, where agents got a chance to put their driving skills to the test on a race car game.

But the real action took place on the dance floor, where agents partied the night away to the music of the versatile DJ Bambino. Before that, senior field agent, CEO of JMMB Group, Keith Duncan, addressed his excited audience. With a 007-type entrance with security detail included, he kept his speech short and sweet. He said the mission was an opportunity for JMMB to further strengthen its relationship with its corporate clients and enhance the financial partnership, in keeping with the company's commitment to client intimacy.

After laying out the company's plans for the near future, Duncan thanked everyone for attending, and encouraged them to 'build a vibes.' And that they did.

While the bar was kept busy serving up speciality cocktails, a series of dance moves was put on show. Some dance competitions got under way to determine exactly who was keeping up with new moves. In the end, it was mission accomplished for JMMB's Covert Ops. With the mission complete, this message will self destruct ... now!