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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | March 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The party that never was

1. Some people really got to celebrate last week, but we have to report that yards of deliciously prepared food were left to spoil as disappointment filled the stomachs of some would-be celebrants on election night. In one case, the prominent businessman kept urging his panicking guests to wait for the late boxes. Apparently, he and others did not even entertain the possibility of defeat.

That blue dress

2. The blue dress has almost taken on the infamy of another one which nearly brought down a president. This dress is said to be too blue, too short, too tight, too inappropriate and too cheap. There are other uncomplimentary descriptions of the lady's knees, legs, make-up and shoes. Jamaicans sure know how to tear down.

Enough is enough!

3. Who is going to do something about persons with huge heavy-duty trucks creating nuisance in neighbourhoods? From the oil seeping into the soil to the unsightly parts, junk and noise emanating from these sites, many people are complaining about the harm it is doing to their properties. There are many such sites in the capital and another often-complained-about one on the Old Harbour Road in St Catherine, where the sidewalk is being used as a truck bay, is there no one who can deal with this?

Feeding time

4. Oh the hypocrisy of some folks! They turned up in their finest to applaud the inauguration, yet they did not think it important to go to a polling station to cast their ballot on the day. They left others to make the effort so they can now line up at the trough.