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Something Extra - Thursday

Published:Thursday | March 31, 2016 | 1:37 AM
Tonaya Wint is all smiles for our lens at the Caesar’s Army’s Boozé at Hope Gardens in St Andrew on Easter Monday.
Machel Montano partied at Boozé with (from left) former Miss Jamaica World Sara Lawrence, head of corporate relations at Heineken NV Dianne Ashton-Smith, and Phillipa Burnett.
Patrique Goodall is pretty in pink at Boozé.
Jhenelle Lawrence gives floral new meaning in this fantastic dress at Boozé.
Lauren Tenn looks fabulous soaking up Caesar’s Army Boozé.
Designer Ayanna Dixon brings sexy style to the Boozé brunch in her hot-pink lace skirt and nude bodysuit.
Kandi King is casually chic at Hope Gardens
Assistant brand manager for Heineken, Stephen Strachan, and attorney Terri-Ann Guyah. CO

The glimmer of another weekend is peeping through and bringing memories of the last, as the party people on this little rock get ready to do it all over again. Today we bring you highlights of one of the hottest parties over the holidays — Caesar's Army's Booze at Hope Botanical Gardens on Easter Monday. Enjoy!