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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | April 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM

1 There are reports that so many persons who went to the US on work programmes have absconded, that employers are now stating a preference to get workers who already have visas. The consequences of 'running off' is having a negative effect, especially on struggling students who use their summers to earn some money so they can continue their education.

2. Sugar is now having its tobacco moment as more and more countries create tax plans to discourage use of this commodity, which is being blamed for obesity and the attendant illnesses which are growing in intensity across the globe. So, Mr Shaw, here's another lifeline for you as you scramble to find funds for that promised tax relief.

3. The fashion police were very active on social media last week, commenting on the parade of politicians who attended Gordon House. Some valuable lessons would have been learnt about buying comfortable shoes.

Indeed, it was painful just to watch some individuals trying to make it inside the chamber, whew.

4. Expo has come and gone and many persons were impressed with some new local entries in the manufacturing business. What was not too impressive was the organisation of booths. It seems that every available space was taken up so patrons had to squeeze through tiny passageways to get to see the exhibitions.