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Something Extra - Monday

Published:Monday | April 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The gorgeous mother and daughter duo, Diana Stewart (left) and Jackie Stewart Lechler, strike a pose at the unveiling of a new line of trucks to be sold by Stewart Industrial. The event was held on the East Lawns of Hope Gardens last Wednesday night.
The lovely couple of Nikolas Hudson and his wife Christina at the unveiling at Hope Gardens last Wednesday.
Representatives of the Sol Group (Shell Lubricants Distributors), (from left) Loncey Earle, Corinnette Wilson and Karoline Smith.
Marketing Manager of Rainforest Seafoods Roger Lyn (left) and co-worker Andrew Lewis, corporate affairs manager, take a break from their conversation to pose for a pic.
David Hall (left) chief audit executive of the Facey Group, and Sophia Dunkley-Wright (centre), Xerox sales manager are completely engaged by Everton Morgan, group human resources director at the Musson Group.
Hannah Wright, group projects manager at Chukka Caribbean Adventures (right), is all smiles with Hope Ramsay-Stewart, partner at Ramsay Stimpson, Attorneys-at-law.
A pleasant Tracey Lacroix, finance and operations manager of the PSOJ, welcomes Jeremy Whittaker of Grasshopper Productions to the mingle.
Elon Parkinson (left), head of public relations at Digicel, has the full attention of Kwame Smith, field agent at Paradigm Capital Limited, and his boss, Managing Director Gail Dixon.

Stewart Industrial last week used the East Lawns at Hope Botanic Gardens to stage the unveiling of its new line of trucks, while on Thursday, the group's showroom on South Camp Road played host to the PSOJ Corporate Mingle. Happy Monday!