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Felicia Duran - Designing from the Soul

Published:Friday | June 17, 2016 | 11:56 PM
Contributed Photo Felicia Duren

A new comer to the Caribbean Fashion week runway, designer Felicia Duren will present her Kamizo collection when she hits the runway on Saturday June18, 2016.

As a child Duran was intrigued by clothes and fashion -- fascinated by the many suits her mother would make for her father. Duran would spend hours sitting by her mother, watching her working on the sewing machine, eager to start learning. Her mother's vintage style also piqued her interest. .

Although Duran has been designing for over 10 years, she got her start designing with friends. Puffy paints, rhinestones, and tye-dye T-shirts marked the start of her journey into the designing world.

For Duran designing is about authenticity. This serves as a connection between who she is and her work. Duran is constantly inspired to create (without limits) by art, music, love and nature.

The collection she intends to send down the runway will make an important statement. "I'm a reflection of the girl that others call weird because I dress differently, and I want to send a message to women that its O.K. to create your own rules. I am a reflection of the model that helps bring the clothes to life, by making a robust presence on the runway," says the New Yorker.

For Duren, the collection highlights how these elements are all connected -- mirror images of each other, hence the title of the collection: 'Mirror Image I AM'.

Duran's brand, Kamizo expresses her unique style showing that something odd is really something unique, and that there are endless possibilities to explore. Kamizo is simply 'coming from my soul', embodying the feelings of authenticity.

She Japanese designer Shingo Sato, as her fashion heavyweight -- someone she looks up to. Sato is able to remind her that not only does designing come from within, but that creating is limitless.