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A chill without the children

Published:Friday | June 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Photo BBS 20216 FYI Consultancy Group
With wine glass in hand, CB Chicken’s Tina Hamilton shows off her pearly whites at Parent’s Date Night.
From left: Sexologist and guest speaker for the night Dr Karen Carpenter shares the spotlight with Editor-in-chief for B3 Parenting Magazine Michelle Gordon before the date night discussions begin
The power couple for the night Shanyka Anderson and Duane Miller have a drink together on date night.
From left: Tamara Wynter-Burke and expectant mother Stacy-Ann Sturridge, the first two mothers to arrive to date night, give us their best radiant smile.

For the second time B3 Parenting Magazine in association with a whole host of sponsors hosted Parent's Date Night last Friday. Sex and money were the topics for the night.

The Toyota showroom on Old Hope Road was transformed into a space for parents to relax, have a drink and rekindle any flames that child-rearing may have out. The guests were greeted by drinks from Select Brands and hors d'oeuvres provided by CB Chicken's Smart Eggs. Smooth Jazz played as patrons entered the venue met by B3's Editor in Chief Michelle Gordon and Marketing Consultant, Paula Pinnock.

Some parents decided to take pictures in and around the Toyota vehicles in the showroom while enjoying intimate conversation and mingle among other parents, soon to become new friends.

Editor in Chief Michelle Gordon says for their sixth edition of the parent event "Big Baby Shower", Parent's Date Night is to facilitate the different parts of parenting, including being connected with your partner and to have time off from the children for self indulgence; to "Give parents a break," she says. This "grown up time" for mommy and daddy to unwind was a fun night for parents to get together and laugh and to let their hair down for a couple hours. Gordon, as a parent herself, says this initiative is allows parents, single or married to enjoy each other's company without crying babies or nagging children.

The proceedings continued as Dr Karen Carpenter, a Clinical Sexologist spoke to the intimate relations between couples. She spoke openly to the couples about sex, even saying "Let's talk about sex, baby. Because that's how we get babies in the first place." Dr Carpenter outlined that children who live with parents who are "lovey-dovey" tend to thrive since they see the love and affection between their parents.

She encouraged parents to get comfortable with each other and to keep the sexual relations "spicy", so that marriages and relationships can thrive. "Sex in a relationship must be good, if it is not good then something is wrong," she said before answering a number of questions written down by guests at the outset. The parents listened intently to her suggestions and encouragements, some fathers even howled and whistled when she spoke of more x-rated, bedroom tips, tricks and know-hows.

The night continued as parents were challenged to do various games like the Gleaner inspired "Musical Newspapers", NCB Insurance's version of the Newlywed Game and Smart Eggs challenged mothers against fathers to play "Jeopardy".

A representative from NCB Insurance, Anntonette Cowan-Palmer also spoke to parents about gaining financial security for children from infancy in case of Death, Illness or Debt. "As parents, put plans in place for your children to prevent them from starting their lives in debt."

The night ended with guests mingling and conversing with each other over wine as they enjoyed their night without the tykes.