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'It's a Family Affair' wraps filming at Melia Braco

Published:Friday | June 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Leonie Forbes on the set of 'It's a Family Affair'.
From left: Bertha (Dahlia Harris) is not amused when she finds her husband, Winston (Ity Ellis) with Maya (Emprezz Golding).
Love is in the air for Andre (Brian Brown) and Maya (Emprezz Golding), on the set of Lennie Little-White’s latest movie, ‘It’s a Family Affair’, filmed at the Meliá Braco Trelawny.
Lord Timothy (Tony Hendriks) gets comfortable with his Jamaican wife, Lady Millicent (Bertina Macaulay).


Veteran actress Leonie Forbes is being touted as a major addition to Lennie Little-White's upcoming feature film, It's a Family Affair.

Forbes, an accomplished broadcaster and one of the most distinguished actors in the Caribbean, plays a cameo role that heightens the tension at the climax of the film which recently completed location shooting at the luxurious Melia Braco Village in Trelawny.

According to the film's producer and director, Little-White, he was so impressed with Forbes, who was hired as a dialogue coach that he and co-writer Aston Cooke created a role for her.

"We were compelled into writing a script for her because she inspired all the actors and she understood the motivation for trying to create a new genre of low-budget Jamaican movies," said Little-White.

Educated in Jamaica and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, Forbes has worked in many countries and is internationally acclaimed.




The 90-minute film depicts a Jamaican who becomes a member of the nouveau riche after changing his status to multimillionaire. The newly minted multimillionaire, Winston Chambers, sponsors a weekend at the Meli· Braco Village, where three couples assemble for a north coast family reunion.

The film's main cast includes Ian 'Ity' Ellis, Dahlia Harris, Tony Hendriks, Bertina Macaulay, Brian Brown and Emprezz Golding.

Little-White said the feature film production broke local records by completing shooting in six days - three in Kingston and three at Melia.

Post-production has started, and editing is on schedule to be completed by the end of July. The soundtrack and final sound mix are scheduled for the end of August. The production boasted an all-Jamaican crew to complement its all-star cast.

"It's a Family Affair is the first of a new genre of indigenous low-budget feature films designed to be profitable at home before hitting the international market," Little-White told Today.