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The Casino Royale party experience

Published:Friday | July 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
These beaus, Mark Gibbs (left), Demar Dryden (centre) and Demetrie Adams are looking dapper at last Thursday’s Casino Royale.
The dark and lovely Tina-Marie Williams looks ravishing in this stylish gown she wore to Casino Royale last Thursday night.
Stephen Price (right) stands tall and charming with his radiating wife, Imani at Casino Royale, last Thursday night.
Brian ‘Ribbie’ Chung (left) shares the lens with Roshani Howard (centre) and Desron Graham.

The not-so-secret Casino Royale Party has brought out nothing but A-Listers to the Ribbiz Ultra Lounge.

Last Thursday night, the Barbican hotspot alongside the Acropolis Gaming Centre sparked a different party experience, and created a premium all-inclusive world of exquisite food and liquor.

As the fine men and women entered the lounge, they paused to put on their smiles for quick photo opportunities with their dates and the lovely hostesses of Ribbiz. With Kamal Bankay, DJ Audley and DJ Narity feeding music from the wings of steel, guests were dancing and enjoying the full 007-themed party.

To top-off the night's activities, Ribbiz talented chefs showcased their skills in preparing live pastas at the carving station and amazed guests with their flatbread pepperoni pizzas, pigs in a pita blanket, coconut fish and teriyaki-style-chicken kebabs.

The night continued with a promise from directors, Brian 'Ribbie' Chung, Don Creary and Bankay that the three year anniversary celebration of the vibe spot is on way and that all will be invited.