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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | July 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The effortlessly elegant pair, Bernadette McKinley-Matalon (left) and Carolyn Yapp Miss Ja Universe 2009.
Head honchos (from left) Sonja Nalkiran, GM Iberostar Suites; Keisha-Ann Reid, production and content manager, FLOW; Philipp Hofer, GM Iberostar; Marjorie Cunningham, JTB; Delano Seiveright, senior advisor, Ministry of Tourism; Laura Butler, franchise holder; MJWO) and Mauricio Pulido, CEO, GB EnergyTexaco.
Secrets Resorts' Emilio Huhn, Jamaica Experiences, Douglas Gordon, Secrets Fernando Garcia; Iberostar's Philipp Hofer and Secrets Deryck Meany.
Just before the formalities of the homecoming gala, honorees of the New Day Primary and Junior High Alumni are snapped at the Terra Nova Hotel recently.
Scotiabank’s Jermaine Gardener (centre) former Harbour View football player, takes a selfie with members of the Harbour View Under-13 football team during a training session with the team. Also in the photo is fellow Scotiabank footballer Dravian Williams (right) who also lives in Harbour View.
There is lots of humour as Avril Leonce, Scotiabank’s Director of SMEs, dramatically tries out a piece of candy at Candy Craze Candy Bar & Creamery while visiting the store. Candy Craze, one of the 2016 Scotiabank Vision Achiever participants, was the venue for a special treat, organised by the Bank, for the Harbour View Football Under-13 team.Sharing in the fun is Melanie Levy, CEO Candy Craze Candy Bar & Creamery and Dudley Walter, Scotiabank’s Vice President SME.
James Goren, Brazilian honorary consul, Montego Bay, and Déjà Vu’s Rajesh Kripalani surround the beautiful Sophia Max-Brown, Max Brown Ltd.

It's been a high-energy week and SOMETHING EXTRA wraps things up with an awesome round-up.