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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | July 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Mystique Integrated launch from (left): Mellissa Louden, former minister of national security, Peter Bunting; recording artist Sevana and CEO of Mystique Integrated, Valon Thorpe, pause for a quick snap.
CEO of Mystique Integrated, Valon Thorpe (left), and good friend Kaci Fennell.
Valon Thorpe is congratulated by Natalia Oh! with a hug.
Sarah Jackson (left) and Kadion Preston share a light moment.
Racquida Bowie of NHT shows off her chic style.
Scott Dunn and Jessica Williams, manager and acquisitions executive, respectively for Dream Entertainment Ltd, dropped their corporate garb for something a little more casual.

New kids on the LMR block, Mystic Integrated, launched with nothing short of a bang! A-listers, fellow marketers, friends and well-wishers were out to share with the young entrepreneur.