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Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Tuesday | August 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Just before putting their artistic capabilities to the test, these three beauties (from left), Bridgette Reid, Shari Tomlinson and her mother, Tania McDonald-Tomlinson, paused to take a quick photo.
The women are putting their brushes to work and creating their personal masterpieces.
Carmalethia Fagan came out in her leopard-print Sunday-Funday dress to Women in Energy Paint and Sip Party, last Sunday evening.
Tamiko Sadler, district vice-president of the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited, is amazed by her artistic capabilities.
Rushell Ferarah is hard at work as she engages in her piece, making every stroke count.
To the world and back say Gregory Mayne (left) and Garry Sinclair in Rio last Saturday.

Who knew making money could be such fun? Well, head of the Jamaica Public Service, Kelly Tomblin, showed SOMETHING EXTRA how to with a paint and sip event at her residence last Sunday to assist wards of the Wortley Home.