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Sweat and tears at Guardsman Games

Published:Tuesday | September 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
The Dobermans team of David Henriques and Kia Williams tugs their boat in during the inaugural Guardsman Games last Sunday.
Despite the challenges, the tyres could not hold back A Team's Jeremy MacMillian and Chanel Dacosta as they made their way to the finish line.
Second-place winners Centaurs’ Chad Hammond and Stevonne Nugent were reminiscent of Tarzan and Jane as they dominated the rope climb on the obstacle course.
How low can you go? The Knights' John Claude tries to keep up with his teammate, Vahra McGraham.

It was sweat, blood and tears last Sunday at the Hope Zoo, as teams Dobermans, Centaurs, A Team and Knights battled for the title of Guardsman Games Champion.

It was part 'American Ninja Warriors' and part 'Stronger' as families, supporters and fitness fanatics came out to cheer on their favourite team. The contestants mustered up all their strength, endurance and mental abilities to dominate the day's challenges.

After surviving the 'No Pain, No Gain' exercise circuit created by the toughest and most relentless trainers in the business, the contestants were on to the Debug and Decrypt Challenge. Here, the teams had to not only decode an alarm, but fish through a tank of insects, and when you thought it could not get any harder, it was time for the crawl obstacle course.

The humorous Jenny Jenny guided the day's event, providing much excitement and entertainment to patrons.

Running through a 1,000-gallon tank of ice water, tugging across the lake in a boat, crawling under barbed wire, and swinging across monkey bars - the teams fought through each obstacle - pushing and motivating their teammates to make it to the end.




After weeks of training and fighting through pains and exhaustion, The Dobermans' Kia Williams and David Henriques came out on top, winning the title of Guardsman Games Champion, $100,000 cash prize, two round-trip tickets to Florida, and other great prizes.

At the end of the live competition, patrons left feeling pumped and ready for next year's gruelling competition.

The Guardsman Group of Companies were overwhelmed and thankful for the support. According to Public Relations Assistant Debra Griffiths, "We thought of an unusual way to show Jamaica and our clients what the company is about, and it seems as though we chose the best way to showcase our products and services. The attendees were engaged and excited, and though we were a bit nervous at first, we are happy about the day's event."

The day was more than just about the games including a dog show, self-defence demonstration and capoeira show, CPR demo, along with performances from Pinchers, Admiral Bailey and Johnny P, making the day a true family fun day.