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Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Tuesday | September 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Founding Member of CUMI Nurse Joy Crooks (left) shares a light moment with a volunteer at the CUMI Come Run last Saturday at the Tryall Club.
Tristan Alvarado and his wife, Laura Mazabel, were spotted at the Colombian Association’s cocktail reception last Friday.
Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia, Roberto García Marquez is sandwiched by acting registrar of the Department of Co-operatives, Paulette Kirkland (left), and president of the Colombian Association, Luz Escobar.
From left: This quartet of Mayra Lopez, Fernando Ruiz, Nancy Lopez and Dora McGregor-Doig is out in style and happy to be among other members of the association.
From left: Members of the Colombian Associations, Fernay Velasquez and his wife, Liliana shares a photo op with their daughter, Juliana, and friend Yohan Gomez.

Last Friday, the Colombian Association hosted a few A-listers at their cocktail reception to a night of great food and good company. SOMETHING EXTRA shares the fiesta with you.