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Colombian Association's inauguration cocktail

Published:Wednesday | September 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
President of the Colombian Association, Luz Escobar (right), shares the lens with her vice-president, Claudia Bermudez, at their inauguration cocktail last Friday evening.
Acting registrar of the Department of Co-operatives, Paulette Kirkland (second left), presents the certificate of registration to Luz Escobar, president of the Colombian Association. Sharing in the moment are (from left) Patricia de Garcia, wife of Colombian Ambassador Roberto Garcia Márquez and Mexican Ambassador Cecilia Jaber.
From left: Martha Lopez, Patricia de Garcia and Alessandra Vanzella pause from their conversation for our camera.
From left: Restaurant Week ambassador Tristan Alvarado and his wife, Laura Mazabel, are spotted by our camera with Adriana Cifunetes and Juan Manuel Jimenez.

The Colombian Association, in collaboration with the Colombian Embassy, invited diplomats, association members and other well-wishers, to a cocktail reception last Friday evening at the home of Ambassador Roberto Garcia Marquez.

Friends, colleagues and strangers mingled over glasses of wine just before Marquez took to the stage to welcome them. He noted that he is committed to effectively carrying out the daily operations of the embassy to better both Jamaica and Colombia.

In her brief remarks, president of the Colombian Association, Luz Escobar, noted that Jamaica has opened its doors to Colombians in areas such as education, entrepreneurship, tourism and trade.

"We have strengthened alliances and created links of friendship between our two nations. We also aim at establishing working relationships with other associations whose social objectives are similar; and working alongside Jamaican and international organisations that operate in social, cultural and economic landscapes, serving as an information network for the different sectors where cooperation can be achieved," Escobar expressed.

After Escobar's remarks, acting registrar of the Department of Co-operatives, Paulette Kirkland, added: "Even though there is a problem in translation and difference in language, with like minds we will be able to bridge the gap."

After a presentation of the certificate of registration to the association, guests dispersed to the food stations to indulge in their choice of cocktail treats and sweets, in an atmosphere filled with joy as guests continued to celebrate the occasion.