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JN Shores Up Anglers

Published:Friday | November 11, 2016 | 12:13 AM
Lisa Hogarth of Janus Strategic Marketing Services Limited (right), commands the attention of angler Andrea Cowan (left) and Jamaica National’s Business Sales Executive, Angela Fletcher.
Delories Jones, vice-president of Sales and Business Development and JN Fund Managers, pauses for the lens with Michael Mair (left) and Peter Cowan.
Peter Cowan (left) and Matthew Hogarth catching up at the Jamaica National and JN Fund Managers After Tournament Lyme at JN Financial Services.
Andrew Wilkinson (centre), was certainly the bearer of fun and interesting tales much to the amusement of (from left) Anthony Phillipps, Kim Clarke, Kamaal Azan and Paul Josephs.
Angela Fletcher (right) business sales executive at Jamaica National, shares camera time with Bernadette Matalon (left) and Andrea Cowan.
From left: Kimberly Martin, Alecia Clarke, Tamara Honeyghan and Peta-Gaye Miller combined style and finance as they represented Jamaica National and JN Fund Managers at the recently held Jamaica National and JN Fund Managers After Tournament Lyme.

The Belmont, home to the newest financial centre on the block JN Financial Services - was the oasis where approximately 70 anglers. recent participants in the Sir Henry Morgan Anglers Association's annual Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament (PAIMT), were recently hosted.

The exclusive JN After Tournament Lyme, was a post-tournament initiative to recognise the team which reeled in the highest weight of non-bill fish, to win the inaugural JN Food Fish Award, an addition to the PAIMT category prizes.

As part of the brief formalities, an envied YETI cooler was presented to the team on Stinger 11, who copped the JN Food Fish Award after catching a school of fish weighing a grand total of 87 pounds.

Organised by Jamaica National and JN Fund Managers, guests were welcomed on the high terrace, with a dramatic view of New Kingston, for an evening of light conversation, laughter, celebration, food and libations; as well as, a touch of financial integration.

Angela Fletcher, business sales executive at JN, told the anglers that as Jamaica National moved closer to becoming a commercial bank, the organisation along with its subsidiary company, JNFM, will provide the financial market with innovative premium products and services. "We are ready for the market, and, we will increase competitiveness in the industry by expanding our products and services to the benefit of current members and new customers. JN will also be rolling out a special initiative to provide unique and exclusive benefits for clients who maintain a certain level of business with us," she said.

Expressing optimism about the response from anglers, Fletcher described the evening as being a special "JN Way to celebrate the outcomes of the 2016 Marlin Tournament; and build sustainable and valuable relationships, as we move forward."