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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | December 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Kathryn Myers and Stuart South pause from the night’s festivities for a quick photo.
Top Adviser at Sagicor Life, Linnette Chin-McDaniel (left) accompanied by her daughter Tiffany McDaniel and family friend Kevin Mitchell at the annual Sagicor Christmas Party.
Andrew O’Meally of Red Stripe sandwiched by the beautiful Tara Ramsay, a medical student, and Jodi-Ann Lyn, financial adviser at Sagicor.
Top Insurance Adviser, Sagicor Life, Melia McKitty-Plummer (left) and Davaroe Robotham, Financial Adviser, Sagicor Bank, looking stylish.
Kimberly Wilks, risk analyst, Sagicor and date Craig Landells gets the attention of our shutterbug in this simple but chic black jumpsuit.
Cortia Bingham poses for the cameras at the launch of Xodus at the Courtleigh Hotel recently.
Megan McNaughton struts her stuff in one of the fab costumes for Dream Entertainment's Xodus.

Next year's Carnival Sunday just got a little hotter as Dream Entertainment has joined the circuit with their own band - Exodus. The Sagicor Group also feted their hardworking staff members on Saturday night and transformed the Caymanas Golf Club into "Europhoria" taking different aspects of the exotic European scene and infusing our own Jamaican touch. Here are the highlights as we wish everyone the very best for the season.