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Dull Fanfare at Absinthe

Published:Friday | January 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Gal pals Michelle-Ann Letman (left) and Tyheissa Williams are all smiles for our cameras.
Andrew and Sanya Duggan cosy up in style for a photo op.
The stylish Shanyah Richards (left) shares the spotlight with the suave Jason Hendricks.
Kerry Barry pairs her floral rompers with a black blazer.
Jevonee Roberts joins the lovely Shanice Morris for a photo.

When patrons received red tiaras, top hats and noisemakers, expectations for the party hitting a 'four' or 'six' were high at Sabina Park for the highly anticipated 'Absinthe: the New Evolution'.

However, not everyone was bowled over by the party.

With the DJ in full swing, guests streamed in and were greeted by a buffet line and fully stocked Smirnoff bars, which they immediately began to make good use of, increasing their levels of satisfaction and intoxication.

There was some confusion at the entrance to the VIP section, with some patrons complaining that the organisers had run out of VIP bands.

Once the countdown was over and the clock struck midnight, Auld Lang Syne echoed in the spacious venue, but the cannon on stage, set to shoot confetti into the crowd, remained little more than a prop. The DJ tried his best to dismiss the blunder, wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and encouraging all to party. But many stood still, wondering if that was all.

After 1 a.m., the crowd increased slightly, but attendance remained sparse in comparison to the size of the venue. Around 2 a.m., the promoters tried to liven things up by issuing white balloons, which would later be released in the air. Despite these oversights, patrons made the best of their New Year's celebration and partied the night away in style.