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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | January 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM

1 So, it's not legal to be a member of parliament in Jamaica while being a citizen of a non-Commonwealth state like the United States. How about councillors, though? Could there be a double standard regarding political representation?

2 With all the talk about the scarcity of resources in the Jamaica Constabulary Force - both personnel and material - it seems quite unreasonable to have resources tied up in chauffeuring the children of officials to school, including university. Minister Montague, you have to set your priorities straight. Babysitting quasi-officials and their children will not help to solve crime ... never mind how loud they may scream on social media.

3 Where is the traffic police when they are needed? There is a situation at Dunrobin Avenue where the left lane on to Constant Spring Road is being manipulated by motorists who use it even though they intend to turn right. This often creates chaos at that intersection. It needs to be attended to urgently.