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Something Extra | Wednesday

Published:Wednesday | January 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Party veteran Brian 'Ribbie' Chung and Roshani Howard
Jason Hendricks (left) and Ellisse Campbell (right) pose with the models of their sponsored section, called Once Upon A Time. Also Seen: Kadejah Anderson and Javaughn Campbell).
Kerry-Ann Guyah (left) and Jodie-Ann Lyn stop in at the Smirnoff Guarana bar.
From left: Kandi King, Andrew Bellamy, Natalie Murray, and Mark Lalor.
Matt Khoury (left) and Jason Hendricks (right) grab a photo op with Patrice Roberts.
DJ Lantern (left) chilling with Marlon Campbell.
From left: Gal pals Alexandra Gregory, Kandi Chin and Kelsey Bell celebrate the new year with Bacchanal.

Bacchanal Jamaica showcased some picture-perfect costumes at their New Year's fete and band launch held at Mas Camp on Saturday. Revellers and sponsors feted and got their 'Waists Loose' in preparation for the road march in April.