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Xaymaca International partners with Tribe for Carnival in Jamaica

Published:Friday | January 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Xaymaca International, the newest carnival band in Jamaica, created waves on social media this week, through their media partner The Gleaner, with the news that Trinidad and Tobago’s premier carnival band, Tribe, will be “coming to party” with them for the carnival season in Jamaica.

Dean Ackin, CEO of Tribe explained that “it was an easy partnership between Xaymaca International and Tribe, because we both represent what the revelers want – a premium, all-inclusive road march experience amplified by the best entertainers on the road, a mass of happy people in the most colourful and sexy costumes, powered by soca music”.

An influential partnership between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, Xaymaca International’s Andrew Bellamy lauded the achievements of Tribe. He described them as being “influencers in the evolution of carnival in Trinidad with new innovations incorporated in every staging of the event”.

The Xaymaca-Tribe partnership will see “shared expertise in costume production, pre-road march quality service delivery, and providing premium entertainment value throughout the carnival season.”

With the launch of Xaymaca International set for tomorrow Saturday, January 21, at the Constant Spring Golf Club, the band will give patrons a taste of the elements that Tribe values as the prerequisites of a successful party experience.

Follow Xaymaca International’s social media pages as well as the website at www.xaymaca international.com for details of the launch, costume registration and fêtes/events.