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Something Extra | Wednesday

Published:Wednesday | March 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM
The Smirnoff Once Upon a Time carnival costume on display during the Bacchanal Fridays opening night.
Fashion designer Dexter Pottinger and friend Tamo Ennis at Bacchanal Fridays.
Lovely couple Phillip Myers and Brianna Younis have a blast at the opening night of Bacchanal Fridays.
DJ Narity (left) from Third Dimension and Jason Hendricks, brand manager for spirits at Red Stripe.
All smiles from the lovely Gillian Parague.
Drinking responsibly are Garth Williams, sustainability manager at Red Stripe, and friend Shaneka Williams.
DJ Lantern pauses for a photo at the opening night of Bacchanal Fridays.
Attending their first Bacchanal Fridays are a group of friends who recently moved to Jamaica from Spain.

The highly anticipated weekly carnival series, Bacchanal Fridays, sponsored by Smirnoff, got off to a great start last Friday! The revellers came out in their numbers, and we have all the highlights.