Tue | Aug 22, 2017

Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | March 14, 2017 | 3:00 AM

1. Is it just business smarts, or is it sleight of hand? We are talking about the fact that developers get approval for building studios and the purchasers end up with a two-bedroom apartment modeled off the example shown them at viewing. What are the implications for the infrastructure, is what some industry folks are asking.

2. It's another case of death bringing to light stuff that was hidden in the dark. How many times are we to see the offspring crawling out of the woodwork to attend funerals?

3. It is clear that the failed politician has too much time on his hands, so he is making a nuisance of himself on social media. He has managed to earn the ire of so many angry folks, he should really stay off and cool down for a while.