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KB celebrates literary talent

Published:Friday | March 17, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Mandisa Parnell reading an excerpt from her book 'Premonition'.
Sheldon Shepherd entertaining the croud while performing his dub poetry.
Director of corporate services at Kingston Bookshop Sonia Fuller (left) and her husband Custos of Kingston Steadman Fuller sandwich NoMaddz Sheldon Shepherd showing off their purchase of his book.
Publisher and host for the night Glynis Salmon speaks to the crowd.

Authors are artists in their own right, they paint the picture with words and this is what makes them especially creative. Kingston Bookshop acknowledges these treasures and decided to celebrate Jamaica's local talent at a soirÈe Thursday, March 9.

Guest turned out in numbers more than anticipated as additional seats were brought out seat them. Readers of the night included Roland Watson-Grant, who read an excerpt from his novel Sketcher and its sequel Skid. Even from the brief piece, you got to see the way Watson-Grant displayed imagery.

The guests were captivated. Mandisa Parnell, the lone female of the night, delivered her piece from her book Premonition. Her book touches a bit of the social issues especially with regards to women we are facing today, even though it has been a year since it was published.

NoMaddz's Sheldon Shepherd was there to perform in a different way reading a few poems from his book In The Morning Yah.

It was like a one man show and the audience became engaged but also took part. Lastly, but certainly not least Richard 'Richie Drenz' Campbell read a piece from his comedic novel Jamaican Ninja Bert. It had everyone erupting with laughter.

It was a night well spent with Jamaican talent.

Guests were given the opportunity to make their purchases as they enjoyed the enchanting musical interludes provided by Rupert Bent III.

At the end of the night further purchases were made while other guests mingling with fine wine.