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Something Extra | Thursday

Published:Thursday | March 30, 2017 | 12:17 AM
Ellisse Campbell and the promoters of Bacchanal Fridays, Michael McMorris (left) and Michael Ammar.
Jason Hendricks, brand manager for spirits at Red Stripe, grabbed a photo op with Shensea before her Mas Camp performance.
Floyd Green, minister of state in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, and DJ Narity stopped in at the Bacchanal vs Dancehall night.
The Caesars Army team of (from left) Machel Saunders, Julius Sobion, Aaron Spence and Lesedi Wattley stopped in at Bacchanal vs Dancehall Night.
From left: Tara Rogers, Leighton Facey, Nikki Z and Andrew O'Meally at Smirnoff's Bacchanal vs Dancehall Night at Bacchanal Fridays.
Phillip Paulwell, opposition spokesperson on science, energy, and technology, got behind the Red Stripe #WhosDrivingYouJa wheel with, Shiann Chin, a member of the Drink Right team, at Bacchanal Fridays at Mas Camp. The recently launched #WhosDrivingYouJa campaign seeks to recognize and incentivise patrons identified as designated drivers for groups attending carnival events, including Bacchanal Jamaica.
Scotiabank’s Jacqueline Sharp (left) and Patsy Latchman Atterbury (right) connect with entertainer Romain Virgo after a scintillating performance at the Employee AGM, held on Saturday at the Jamaica Conference Centre. Scotiabank employees from across the island came out in droves to 'Raise the Bar'. Much to their delight, they were greeted with dancers on stilts, mannequins, and were fully entertained by the performances of URIM7 and Romain Virgo.


Waistlines went into over drive at last Friday's Bacchanal Fridays at Mas Camp. It was a dancehall versus soca-themed night and it was euphoric for soca junkies who are one week closer to the big road march. Our shutterbugs were out and today we bring you the highlights.