Tue | Oct 16, 2018

Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | June 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM

1. Family members of farm workers who are injured while working on farms in North America complain of being treated with disrespect by all the relevant agencies, including the Government. Their major complaint is that they are not given relevant information about the circumstances of the illness, and sometimes death, of their loved ones, and the question of compensation is usually not answered to their satisfaction.

2. Customers are saying the ATM in the popular Liguanea area must be built over a sewage pit. The stench that permeates the area makes it unpleasant for those who are forced to use it. Could it be that the management team has a serious malady affecting the olfactory nerve?

3. Government agencies continue to send the wrong signal to society. For example, a member of a public-sector board could be asked to resign for improper or inappropriate behaviour, only to surface sometime later to serve in a similar capacity. What kind of examples are we setting for the young ones?