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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | July 3, 2017 | 12:03 AM
How sweet is this father-son moment? Brought to you by Dad Jason McIntosh and baby Jonathan.
Daddy Richard Ashman and Mommy Tina Hamilton (plus one) share the spotlight with their daughter, Isabelle.
An adorable daddy-daughter moment courtesy of Dwight Walters and Hailey-Kay Walters.
Parents Oneil Goldson and Shanique Simpson enjoy their snow cones while baby Israel goes all GQ for the cameras.
Allistair and Trishaunna Dwyer sandwich their beautiful baby girl Johanna in a family photo.
Akili and Kimberley Morrison have been waiting for this and are really excited to see what the day will bring.

The seven year old Big Baby Shower continues to impress parents and children as every year it matures, leaving patrons anxiously wondering what else is to come. ATL was a buzz of activity on Saturday with parents, aunts and uncles visiting the booths and taking part in the exciting activities. Here are the highlights.