Tue | Aug 21, 2018

Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | July 18, 2017 | 8:00 AM

The old guy is reported to have fired a few verbal missiles at "family members" on discovering that a revered employee had suffered a home invasion and had been robbed of several valuable items. Those who have been repeating the story said the original don did not mince words.

Bigger and Better is uprooting stumps and heading out of here from all indications. Suppliers are already wringing their hands in anticipation of the fallout that is likely to result from the move.

Some have labelled the principals "ungrateful" seeing that the welcome mat was spread for them from day one and later become the launching pad. The bottom-line is that so many are now competing for the investment dollar that a whole heap of "bowing and scrapping" is required to reap success.

Some people have been asking the question, "why school children no longer graduate in their uniforms?: From basic school to University, all graduates must now be gowned and dressed up at tremendous cost to parents. It has so incensed some parents they are considering going to the courts to find out whether there ought to be a law forbidding these excesses.