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Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Tuesday | September 19, 2017 | 12:11 AM
Jackie Stewart Lechler's cheerful and warm personality matched perfectly with her playful tutu and tiara.
Dyphemmia Williams, the happy unicorn copped The Gleaner's award for the best creative costume the second year in a row.
Kamila McDonald, proud ambassador of the ‘happiest run ever’. There is no doubt in her mind about being of this charity.
Lackesha Miller made the cutest bunny who clearly hopped and skipped the powder.
Fashionable Fairies (from left) Latoya Wilson, Natasha Flash, Nicola Noble and Vanessa Waugh representing Stewart's Automotive Group.
The Dream Team from the Gleaner Online Basic school sporting pleated skirts and high socks, embracing their motto: ‘Where Life Unfolds’. From left: Terri-Karelle Reid, Tiffany Brown; Shakiyah Samuels; Sadeke Brooks; Dayna Drummond; Kerry-Ann Hepburn; Jerome Reynolds, Liam Davis, and Amashika Lorne (in front).


Runs are quite popular these days, but there is none quite like the Gleaner -sponsored Colour Me Happy powder charity run. Last Saturday, Hope Gardens blossomed even more with creative costumes, bright smiles, outbursts of laughter, and just pure joy as participants revelled in the fourth staging of the event. Here are the colourful highlights.