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Courtney Hamilton a man of honour

Published:Friday | October 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMJanet Silvera
Claire Miller poses with Anthony Brown.
From left: Tanya Golaud Michael Morse and his wife, Marline; and Keith Newton Bishop.
The handsome trio of (from left) Jonatan Ljunggren, Jason Russell, and Viv Golaud.
All smiles for our camera are (from left) Yvette Sterling; her brother, Peter; and his wife, Caroline.
The Hamilton family (from left): Tiffany Hamilton; her father, attorney-at-law Courtney; her mother, Judith Farmer; and sister Vanessa.
Paula Kerr-Jarrett in conversation with the man of the hour, Courtney Hamilton.
Natasha James poses with Half Moon's Giorgio Rusconi.
Arel Gordon (left) and Dorothy Thomas
Clive Lee sandwiched by his wife Joan (right) and Jenny Huey.
Claudette Hamilton (left) and Charmaine Deane.
Marcia Grant shares lens with Trevor Hamilton.
Michael Hamilton and Megan Deane came out to celebrate Courtney Hamilton.
Victor Lowe poses with Rochelle Lowe.


There is nothing that Courtney Hamilton thinks he cannot do or that is beyond his reach.

The Montego Bay-based, attorney-at-law and recipient of the Order of Distinction, Commander Class, is described as fearless by his daughter, Tiffany, who sits beside him in an office where they both offer legal services, and who knows him better than anyone else.

Hamilton, his wife, Judith Farmer, his three daughters, scores of family members, friends, and well-wishers celebrated his achievements on Tuesday night at the fabulous Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort and Spa.

Speaker after speaker paid homage to a man revered for his sterling contribution to public service and the legal profession. Master of ceremonies Godfrey Dyer had his hands full trying to curb the tributes as everyone of the more than 80 persons in attendance wanted to speak about the man who is a living testament to what is good in Jamaica.

Lifelong friend Bruce Spencer spoke of a humanitarian; Ambassador Dr Basil Bryan, a former schoolmate, said Hamilton's success didn't start because he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. "Instead, it was hard work and determination, which saw him getting his Bachelor's Degree at Howard University, his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, and on Monday, a national honour," he said.

Desmond Malcolm described his friend of over 50 years as an astute businessman with a brilliant mind; and Hamilton's brother, Michael, cousins Charmaine, Deane, and Claudette Hamilton revealed how important his family is to him.

Other legal minds such as Claire Miller and Sharon Chin-Quee praised him for his humility, generosity of spirit, and ability to mentor those around him.

"Clothing is a mere cloak for the real man," declared Miller, who said she already knew he was a man of distinction.

Custos of St James Ewen Corrodus and businessman Dr Neville Graham were among the persons bestowing accolades on the man of the moment.

Here are the highlights.