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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | October 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM

1 Is this popular Kingston supermarket being cute or deceptive? They have posted a number of discounted items, but where it should indicate the original price, there is only a sign and the space is blank, then below, the supposedly discounted price is displayed. Something is definitely wrong with that picture.

2 There seems to be a growing issue of alcoholism among some of our young professionals, especially the women who are being challenged to show that they can be one of the boys. One prominent young woman has had three accidents in a very short period of time, and several close encounters.

3 Arguments over who should travel with the boss are raging at the office. It becomes particularly difficult when the wife is a part of the organisation, so she has to vet overseas trips. Like all spouses, she has her suspicions and doubts, so some people will never see Palisadoes anytime soon.