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Reevive Mile High Club - The party of the year

Published:Friday | December 29, 2017 | 12:00 AMJanet Silvera
Natalie Messado-Reid cozies up to her husband Rohan.
Rohan Brown and Dwayne Waugh hanging out at Reevive.
Evon Williams and Coleen Samuels.
Heather Hayles (left) with her friend Tyan Reid.
Rowan Kerr being sandwiched by Marian Edwards (left) and Donna White at Reevive.
The gorgeous trio of from left: Ace Promotions' Christina McKenzie, Samouye Fray and Ruth-Ann Brown.
RIU Mobay's Managers from (left) Jessenia Tejada, Perna Llement and Nickeasha Whyte out to enjoy Reevive Mile High Club.
Ashley Anguin Cover Me up Tents' Tamara Allen and her huaband Conrad, have made Reevive the party of the season for western Jamaica.



Groove Master Pinchers had revellers rocking; DJ Kentucky took the party people down memory lane, and Crazy Neil took the hundreds who turned out for Reevive 2017's 'Mile High Club, several thousand feet high, floating on musical air.

It is safe to say that the event was phenomenal, and this would not be disputed by the Christmas Eve partygoers who, dressed to the nines, turned up at the grounds of the historic Rose Hall Great House for the Cover Me Up Tents annual soireÈ.




Conrad and Tamara Allen, and friend Helen Tyson, have taken the party several notches up this year, in sync with the growth of their business. Transforming the grounds of the Georgian mansion with green, gold and white, the team of decorators used a 40 x 100 ft tent, accompanied by indoor cabanas and food stations, to complete their magnificent set up.At various sections of the venue, Caribbean Producers Jamaica hosted wine bars with top shelf libations, while reserved booths lined another area, and ATL Automotive showed off the latest Hondas and Audi models.

In the last six years, Reevive has changed locations about four times. Rose Hall seems to be the ideal venue, and it is hoped that this latest venue will be its permanent home.

After all, this was indisputably the party of parties for 2017 for western Jamaica and we should know, having covered several.

Kudos to the organisers!!