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A Creative Cultural Experience: Japan Day

Published:Friday | January 12, 2018 | 11:08 PMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
From left: Former Chief of State Protocol Ambassador Elinor Felix, Charge d'Affairs of Venezuala Luisa Gutierrez and her husband Luis Felipe Bellorin, Venezuelan musician and poet Hikari Yamazak with her husband Japanese Ambassador to Jamaica Hiromasa Yamazaki.
Baby Toma Sakurai snacks on a banana while watching the crowd in the Blue Mountain Suite.
Gymnast Jamilia Duffus from Nishida's Gymnastics demonstrates a trampoline assisted jump and tuck.
Ayumi Domoto demonstrates the correct way to put on the traditional Yukata dress on Shenelle Tyrell.
Justina Rowe stood out in J-pop inspired street-wear with cat ears and combat boots.
JICA Volunteer Mio Akita shows off her lavender and white traditional Japanese outfit.

Last Saturday, the Knutsford Court Hotel opened its doors to an extraordinary cultural experience the celebration of Japan Day in the Blue Mountain Suite at the Knutsford Court Hotel.

The event showcased various elements of the Japanese culture including origami cranes, Japanese calligraphy, traditional clothing, and floral arrangements.

Many Jamaicans who showed up for the event, were intrigued by the rich culture of the Asian nation. Each booth boasted lengthy queues as persons tried to get first hand experience on the activities.

Japanese Ambassador to Jamaica H.E Hiromasa Yamazaki, welcomed all to the event with open arms, and encouraged the crowd to try all the activities that were offered.

These included: an alluring Yukata fashion show; martial arts performances by members of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). An Ikebana demonstration; and a thrilling dancehall Radio Exercise done by members of JICA, which had everyone, especially the ambassador, out of their seats to mimic the comedic dance moves.

The day ended with members from Nishida's Gymnastics soaring to new heights as they demonstrated a number of techniques which beguiled the crowd.

Japan Day was an exhilarating display of Japanese culture which was not only educational, but very entertaining.