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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | February 26, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Appleton's Maurice Chung stands behind the new Jerk daiquiri created to pair with the succulent jerk from Appleton Estate Murray's Chillin.
Customer Relations Manager of J. Wray & Nephew Brit'mi Riley and owner Courtney Murray are ecstatic about the partnership, and look forward to big things to come from the rebranding.
Spphia Bernard-Faiman and Kervin Smith from J. Wray & Nephew make a toast to the rebranding of Murrays' Fish and Jerk Hut to Appleton Estate Murray's Chillin
Sasheeni Bennett Trade Marketing Cordinator for J. Wray & Nephew knows how to throw a party for the grand re-opening of the famous jerk center.
Treanna Lindo Snr. Food Technologist came to the rebranding to enjoy an array of Murray's famous jerk delicacies.
Howard and Reeshema Britton take a break from their busy schedules in Kingston to enjoy a few cocktails at the rebranding of Murray's in Clarendon.
Alison Munn loves the laid back ambiance within the newly refurbished dining area. Murray's is perfect for a casual night out of drinks with friends.

It was what every Friday night should be. Murray's Fish & Jerk Hut in Clarendon has rebranded to Appleton Estate Murray's Chillin. The union is a promise of robust laughter and happy palates. Both brands are known for quality products and services, so get ready to indulge.